Liu Cheng

COO & Co-founder located in San Francisco, CA

About Liu Cheng - COO & Co-Founder

Liu graduated from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Early in his career, he conducted orthopedic biomechanics research experiments at UC San Francisco in the orthopedic surgery department. He later managed the UCSF Surgical Training Facility at San Francisco General Hospital, co-founded the Orthopedic Trauma Institute Junior Academy, and actively held leadership roles in surgeon training associations.

After catching the startup bug, Liu completed an entrepreneurship and small business management at UC Berkeley and a Social Entrepreneurship Certificate at INSEAD, in Singapore, while launching and successfully bootstrapping APAC BIoksills, a surgeon training company based in Manila, Philippines that serves physicians throughout Asia. His ambitions now are to reinvent the way orthopedics is delivered by driving down cost and increasing quality.

Outside of the office, Liu enjoys spending time with his new baby girl, traveling and endurance sports such as cycling, running or backpacking.